ORDERS $75 OR MORE is just what it sounds like, a place to SH(op for c)OFFEE. While might have been available, what's the fun in that? we wouldn't get the chance to answer the number one question in our Top 12 FAQ's 'What does shoffee mean?' is an online, single-serve coffee, tea and hot cocoa company. Our website was created by using only information obtained by asking people who currently order their coffee online, 'what would make their online ordering experience better?'

In the information we gathered in building, we received lots of insight into our customer base. We found out that things like selection, ease of ordering and reasonable (free) shipping were the three most important factors looked at when choosing with who an order is placed.

In short, is the easiest place to find all of your single-serve coffee and tea needs on the web. And, if there is something you'd like to see changed - email us, and we will do our best to make sure you see that change the next time you place an order.