While other companies out there claim to be the internet's #1 seller of Keurig k-cups, is here to be just that - the top place for you to buy single-serve coffee on the web.

In early 2007, a group of people in the 'coffee business' sat down and asked the questions; with the internet full of websites selling single-serve k-cups and coffee pods, is there room for one more? And, if there is room for another company, what can make us stand out from the rest. Just then, we realized that we didn't have the answer we were looking for, and the only person who had the answer was you - the customer.

Upon discovering that the answer to our first question (was there room for another online k-cup reseller?) was a resounding 'yes' we addressed the second by letting our potential customers tell us what they'd like to see from a website that they order from. The result, was designed (for the most part) by those who will be using it to order. is designed to provide you with more information about our coffees and teas than any other reseller on the web. We also give you more ways to find what you're searching for - by simply clicking, you can sort by brand, roast, social responibleness and more. also has the most accurate search results in the single-cup coffee (and tea) industry. And, what we are most proud of - easy ordering. Gone are the days of working through page after page in order to buy one item and checkout. At, the first time you see an item you want, it can be added to your cart with your next click confirming your order.

It's really that easy.

At we can't claim to be the internet's #1 seller of Keurig k-cups, but we can guarantee that we are #1 where it counts most - in the eyes of our customers.